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September and October 2019

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Rise from the life that was and step into the life that can be.

Survivor Art started with the idea of an one off Art Exhibition in 2016. However, it grew and keeps growing. The Exhibition has now ran for three years, 2016, 2017 and 2018. YES, we are coming back in 2019.

Although this started with two seperate organsations, Survive and Kingsway, both seeking to see people living in freedom.  This year we will be adding a third location, in Liverpool.

All three organsations have a great desire to see people not just healed, but thriving in life! At the same time, seeking to see safe ways for survivors to express themselves. Using creative talents and sharing with the world around them.


We also want to see an awareness being raised of both the effects of rape and sexual abuse, and the healing that is possible.


It's from that desire we came together to create Survivor Art, and continue to grow together with Survivor Art.  


   About Survivor Art


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Rise from the life that was and step into the life that can be.

Art Exibition


Sept & Oct 2019


3 weekends, 3 veneus


Chester, Liverpool and Crewe